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Friday, March 23, 2012

First Post of the 1968 Camaro Restoration

This blog is for the purpose of sharing with all friends and family the restoration process of the '68 Camaro. It was purchased Easter of 2005 as a gift from the Easter Bunny (my lovely wife, Amanda). We pushed it across the street on flat tires. That was an experience. Washed the car and started cleaning under the hood. Had great help from Katie, my daughter, who was then 10 yrs old. Katie and I sat in the car for the first time and sang LOW RIDER. The car was beginning to show years of rust, but we got the Camaro just in time before it rusted to the ground. The motor was locked up and was freed with oil and patience. It had a 350 engine with power glide transmission. Factory A/C car. Standard coupe. Rebuilt the brakes and cranked the car. Amanda, Janet Allison our neighbor and previous owner were around when the noise began. BOOOOOMMM loudest noise there ever was heard. Found out the reason for the loud noise. Looked under the car and there was an ant bed about 6 inches long at the end of the mufflers on both sides. Fire shot out from carburetor and exhaust. Amanda thought the house was gonna catch fire, but it didn't. It ran and eventually smoothed out with no smoke. I drove the car for 5 yrs with rusted floor pans and leaky windshield and the speedometer was not correct also. No tickets...YET. Pictures are to be posted from beginning, during and finished. Larry James is the knowledgeable person in charge of the completed restoration and I am gonna help as much as possible.  This will be a RUST-FREE restoration. Hope y'all enjoy. I know I will.

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  1. Gonna be an interesting transformation. Cant wait to see how it comes long !